Nama Kegiatan           : Kompetisi English Speech oleh VBIC Pekanbaru

Tema Kegiatan            : How to use social media to support self and carrer development

Bentuk Kegiatan         : Lomba pidato bahasa Inggris tingkat SMA/SMK yang diikuti oleh beberapa sekolah yang ada di Pekanbaru.

Tujuan Kegiatan          : Mencari bakat dan minat para peserta didik.

Nama Pengisi Acara :

  • Syafira Junia : XI AK 3
  • Novi Aulia : X ADP 2

Hasil yang dicapai pada saat acara : Menumbuhkan semangat para peserta didik untuk berkarya dalam bidang bahasa inggris.


Kompetisi English Speech oleh VBIC Pekanbaru

Pidato berbahasa Inggris atau dalam bahasa Inggris dikenal sebagai Speech sangat familiar dikalangan para pemimpin untuk menyampaikan suatu informasi atau suatu pengumuman. Pada hari Jum’at, Tanggal 14 September 2018, siswi SMK PERBANKAN RIAU Syafira Junia kelas XI AK 3 dan Novi Aulia  kelas X ADP 2  mengikuti Kompetisi English Speech oleh VBIC Pekanbaru di Mall SKA dengan judul materi How to use social media to support self and carrer development dengan guru pendamping adalah Miss Nindy Asra Roza,S.Pd

Dibawah ini adalah contoh teks Speech yang dibawakan oleh  Novi Aulia

Assalamualaikum ww.

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Novi Alya Chandra, I’m from Perbankan Riau Vocational high School. Thank you to your warm welcome, for my teacher, all the judge’s and nice audience.

Today, I want to share to you about “How to use social media to support self and career development.”

We know, in this era, in 21 century. Internet and social media has a such a powerful present with in generation and then is a such a strong Influence with everyone.And, how we can make internet helpful and give us a benefit?

Social media as the way to transfer someone skills or hobby

Ok. I will give you an example; cover song on youtube; they make a joke, and us feel entertaining, right?

To give inspiration to someone

Example; quotes, DIY, or picture in instagram, path,Facebook or twitter

To influence everyone about a product or the way to do something

About a product; in our life we know there is so many product around us, kinds of an electronic devices, cloths, cosmetics, and so many other that offer today’s lifestyle.

About the way to do something; in internet in social media, there is so many quote’s, which is inspiring us, sometime give us a spirit, and motivation to do positive activity.

Everyone can be influencer in the right way, you can influence every people to do something useful. To show our imagination that think out side of the box.As a student we have many imagination to share with others, in showing who we are.

Give an example in doing positive activity.

We all know in West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok lately has a earthquake that we know there are many people come there a volunteer and give a charity.

For career:

  • To improve their skill by looking in internet in searching the skill that they don’t have before.
  • To make connection to another people in discussing work
  • To prepare themselves in working and give motivations to them
  • Give in formation to finding a job to everyone

Last but not least I just wanna say that social media has given us the biggest benefits and influence as specially for student and career woman and man to support themselves.

So, I want to remind you to use social media with wisely. Don’t bullying people in social media, don’t judge people. Because, social media can be toxic as hell. The point is, be a good user, be a good citizen. If you use internet with wisely you will get the positive effect and you can development yourself.

Can you do that? Can you be a good citizen? Ok, I hope you can do that and practice in your life and share with your friend and family. Not for me, but for your good mental health.

I’ll give you a quote may it can remind you about use social media with wisely

“ Do what you like, like what you do. With social media in the right way”

My name is Novi Alya Chandra

Thank you for your attention. Wassalamualaikum ww